Monday, September 8, 2014

It is still Sunday

          All I can say is bless the Lord all of my soul for he truly is better than good.
          It has truly been more than an awesome day and all I can say is thank God, thank God.
          This morning in our morning service, God led me to teach and preach on the subject, "A FAITH THAT WORKS"  based on 2nd Timothy 4:7 and all I can say again is God truly did his thing.
          After that I proceeded to my church where my pastor preached on "Hungry for God" coming from Psalms 41 which was another awesome moment of food to grow on.
          I pray that you had an awesome day and God spoke to your heart with a rhema word.
          Please feel free to share if you will and always know and never forget that you are so loved.
          You already know that I will not let you forget.
          Elder C.