Father in Jesus name God again we love you and we give you praise.  Father we ask right now that you search us through and through and remove anything in us that conflicts with your word.  Father we confess that even now we desire to live for you in a way that we can be called your ambassador and a light unto this lost and dying world.
We come against and bind up flesh even in our own lives and we release the spirits power in our lives that no matter where we go, all we can do is glorify you. 
It is our cry father that you have your way.  We give you full and total authority in every area of our lives to do what only you can do.
We pray to hold still as you take out us and put in you that we will be better equipped to carry out your will for the sake of the gospel and others.
We love you all the more and we count this done in the most precious name of Jesus our Lord.
Amen and amen.