Friday, October 3, 2014

Poetry Corner: Three Bad Boys

Three bad boys
As you look
At the lives
Of these three
Then you too
Should be able
To see the victory
In how God
Moved in them
To truly stand still
In the midst
Of everything else
And yet do his will
In a land
Of the enemy
And yet they choose
To live for
Their very own God
In all they do
Know that we
Also have to
Come to such a way
In the midst
Of what's going on
Even in this day
With so many
Images rising up
Against what we believe
But stand tall
And trust in God
That you can receive
These three boys
Are no different
From me nor you
Flesh and blood
Body and spirit
For they had too
But a made up mind
And a heart for God
What made their way
That no matter what
Laws came along
They were willing to pay
So let's get ready
To examine this
That we can find out
What made them powerful
In such a way
That they refused to doubt
So let's get ready
People of God
Let God have his way
Lead us all
In his very power
That we will not stray
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

Monday, September 8, 2014

It is still Sunday

          All I can say is bless the Lord all of my soul for he truly is better than good.
          It has truly been more than an awesome day and all I can say is thank God, thank God.
          This morning in our morning service, God led me to teach and preach on the subject, "A FAITH THAT WORKS"  based on 2nd Timothy 4:7 and all I can say again is God truly did his thing.
          After that I proceeded to my church where my pastor preached on "Hungry for God" coming from Psalms 41 which was another awesome moment of food to grow on.
          I pray that you had an awesome day and God spoke to your heart with a rhema word.
          Please feel free to share if you will and always know and never forget that you are so loved.
          You already know that I will not let you forget.
          Elder C.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Poetry Corner: Your Church


Your church
Sunday mornings
Are you excited
On this very morn
About going to church
In all of your doing
What is it
When you could rest
And just lay there
Enjoying your television
And not even care
But yet
There is something
Just calling at you
Get up, get up
Know what you must do
And even then
You gather your thoughts
And begin to praise
Even before you get there
To your own amaze
All you know
Is there is a word
God wants to get to you
Whether through preaching
Or praise and worship too
The church
Is very important
Especially in today
God is much alive
And still wants his way
So now
Let us ask what
We can do for God
That for someone else
Life won't be so hard
God bless you
And always remember
Don't you be homeless
Without a church home
Which really is a mess
God have need of you
Not just to bless
But for you to tell someone
The mess that you were
And what Christ has done
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fwd: This Sunday Morning

Sent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

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Date: 08/17/2014 7:36 AM (GMT-06:00)
To: Larry Cooper <>
Subject: This Sunday Morning

Good morning and good morning saints of the Most High God.;
I am sure that you already know that I am excited simply because of the breath of life that still flows through me which I had very little to do with and this is another Sunday Morning, a great time to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ.
Not only is this the day that the Lord has made, but this is also the first day for the rest of our lives.  So why not take a moment to concentrate on him today that can only prepare us for whatever it is that life throws at you, and if you are like me, life can throw some hard curb balls.  But because you are prepared, God has given you a big old bat to swat them away.   YOU HEAR ME.
So enjoy this day as I certainly do plan and I certainly will be getting back with you later.'
God bless and keep you all.
Elder Larry Cooper
New number:  985-210-3442 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Prayer 7/21/14

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Date: 07/21/2014 4:49 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: Larry Cooper <>
Subject: Monday Prayer

    Father in Jesus name we thank you for being so good to us.  We thank you for being better to us that we are to ourselves. We thank you for our health and strength and yet a mind to stand still and give you praise.
     Father we thank you because we have the luxery of knowing that even in the state of this world that you are still a healer, keeper and deliverer.  We thank you that we know that it is only in you and through you that we can come out of some of the mess that we get ourselves in to.
     Thank you father for not judging us but instead covering us with your mercy that we have never deserved and never will but yet you continue to do so.
     Father we pray for our families on this day. God we pray for our kids as they get ready for another season of school. We pray for your protection that no harm will befall them and every single day they will return back to us safely.
     We know that our kids are on loan to us and we want to do our very best by them for the sake of the kingdom.
     Now father have your way the rest of this week.  We bind accidents and all other tricks that the devil may even try to conjure up against us right now in the matchless man of Jesus our Lord,
     Amen and amen.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Poetry Corner 7/18/14


Effective Prayer
What in heaven
Why so many pray
But yet full of doubt
What is going on
Come to find out
Do you know
God has prescribed
A way for us all
To approach him
And to stand tall
Now this
When we are blind
To what God will do
It will bring depression
Wanting to quit too
While all the time
God sent the answer
In his own way
We easily miss it
Looking another way
Effective prayer
First comes the heart
Must be born again
Having a strong desire
To stay from sin
Oh how we need God
Not the other way
To give strength and wisdom
Just for this day
Seek his face
Don't worry about
What is in his hand
Lord help us all
To understand
Then there's prayer
That no matter what
We all go through
Prayer is always
The right thing to do
So know
Child of God
God have your back
Will you trust him
Even when under attack
Just like back then
He is still the way
The answer to it all
He alone is able
To keep you standing tall
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.