Friday, August 29, 2014

Poetry Corner: Your Church


Your church
Sunday mornings
Are you excited
On this very morn
About going to church
In all of your doing
What is it
When you could rest
And just lay there
Enjoying your television
And not even care
But yet
There is something
Just calling at you
Get up, get up
Know what you must do
And even then
You gather your thoughts
And begin to praise
Even before you get there
To your own amaze
All you know
Is there is a word
God wants to get to you
Whether through preaching
Or praise and worship too
The church
Is very important
Especially in today
God is much alive
And still wants his way
So now
Let us ask what
We can do for God
That for someone else
Life won't be so hard
God bless you
And always remember
Don't you be homeless
Without a church home
Which really is a mess
God have need of you
Not just to bless
But for you to tell someone
The mess that you were
And what Christ has done
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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