Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday Prayer 4/21/14


Subject: Monday Prayer

Father in Jesus name we cannot say thank you enough for the times that we just went through, celebrating your death on the cross, burial and most of all your resurrection from the grave.
God we thank you that it reminded us that because you rose from the grave and gave us that same getting up power that there is nothing that can happen in our lives that can cause us to be bound too long.
God we thank you for the fact that you allowed for us to celebrate this one more year.  We realize that many who was here last year is in the grave.  We also realize that it is only because of your grace that we are here to celebrate.
Father we pray that many were touched by the events on yesterday.  Father we pray that many who was not saved came to know you for the pardon of their sins.  We pray that many of our own family made the decision to give their lives and their heart to you.
    Most of all father we say thank you over and over again for truly sending Jesus to do for us what no other was able to do.  We thank you now and give you all the praise honor and glory, in Jesus name, amen and amen.

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