Friday, April 4, 2014

Poetry Corner 4.4.14

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First love
The most important
In your life today
Now just who
Would that be
What do you say
Would it be
Husband or wife
Whom you love so much
Then what about
Those precious kids
And their special touch
What about
The one who died
On Calvary's cross
Who paid the penalty
For your sins
Why you're not lost
What about the
One came down
Giving up his glory
To defeat death
And even hell
Truly setting you free
While it is one thing
To say that
God is first too
But in your life
And how you live
In all that you do
Remember God
Is a jealous God
And will have no other
He wants to be
First in your heart
Before anything or another
So every
Now and then
Do an inventory
On how you live
And in what you do
On why you are free
And when you find
Things out of order
Take action right then
Get things in
Order to close
The door to possible sin
God loves you
So very much
He truly desires to
Be first
In your life
In all that you do
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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