Monday, March 31, 2014


From: larry cooper

A higher level
Look around
Be very careful
In what you see too
In how it affects
Even you
What's going on
In this world today
Why don't we know
What satan is doing
As the bible say so
It really is time
That we come higher
In how we understand
God is still saving
All over the land
What about you
How are you thinking
In times of today
Do you understand
It's still God's way
Do you understand
God is still calling
You to live right
So he can use you
While in this fight
It is time
For our understanding
Truly to grow
Because of this world
And what it show
The call still is
To live holy
Today in this world
Still show the way
To boys and girls
It depends on you
On an individual level
You do have a part
Do you understand
It start in your heart
You are important
Not only in God
But to other people
The thing my friend
Is do you really know
God is still calling
For holiness in us
We need to know
The world still need
For someone to show
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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