Monday, March 31, 2014

Spirit Minded


Spirit Minded
Walking in a way
That you know
Will glorify God
The more you
Practice his principles
This won't be hard
When you have
This desire that
In all you do
God is glorified
In your life
Is important to you
Put in some prayer
And some praise
Look out devil
Add some worship
Topped with fellowship
Getting ready to go
Being powered by
The word of God
And the Holy Ghost
Now you're ready
For this journey
Let's take a toast
It's not hard
That depends on you
What you do daily
For spiritual principles
Must be way
Of everyday life you see
There are folk
Depending on you
Who may not know
But you have to
Know in your heart
Show them how to go
A light to the blind
Is what you are
What you should be too
Spirit minded
Is where it begins
Even for you
So I pray
My dear friend
That you will decide
To be spirit minded
For the sake of others
No time for pride
There's a world
That is lost
Waiting on people like you
To show them Christ
Not just in talk
But in how you live too
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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