Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Prayer March 24

Monday March 24th
        Father in the name of Jesus we always start out by giving you praise not only for your many blessings, but also for your grace and mercy, the times that you have covered and forgiven us when we did not deserve it.
        Then father please forgive us for not coming to you as much as we should.  Forgive us father for allowing pride to set in from time to time telling us that we don't need you as much.  Forgive us father every time we put other things that become gods before you.
        Then father forgive us for when we fail to treat others in a manner that will bring you glory.  Forgive us father when we fail to walk in love and walk in the flesh and say some things and do some things that we know is not like you.
        Forgive us father for the mistakes that we will make on this day.  Then father forgive us when we fail to forgive ourselves giving anger, resentments and depression a foothold in our lives.
        We just want to be used by you so we bind everything that the devil and our flesh will even try to come against us.
        We love you so much.  We pray that you will just have your way in every area of our lives, in Jesus name, amen and amen.

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