Thursday, March 13, 2014

Open Your Mouth

Know this
The devil don’t care
If you are bound
It makes it easier
For him to stick around
You know
Whatever it is that
You go through
That is a problem
When it wants to
Big or small
Don’t have to be drugs
Something that sticks out
It could be something
As little as doubt
Whatever it is
It is a door way
For trouble to come in
To keep you bound
To the power of sin
Open your mouth
Now is not a time
To let pride lead you
It’s a time of healing
Through and through
It is alright
You are not alone
There are plenty of us
Walking around bound
Yet learning to trust
Have gotten comfortable
With the very thing
We know is wrong
When all we’re doing
Is making sin strong
If you are saved
The first thing is done
But you have to know
What is expected of you
So you too can show
God is waiting
For you to come forth
With whatever the struggle be
Lying, cheating or addictions
He can set you free
So God bless you
As we continue on
To see what we can do
As we move forward
To step two
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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