Friday, May 23, 2014

Poetry Corner 5/23

The same
The soul of man
Has always been
Precious to God
This is why
Jesus had to come
Do you find this odd
With all the other
Great men around
But could not do
Die for the sins
Of all mankind
Men like me and you
Starting in Genesis
Ending in Revelation
It is all about
Jesus concealed
And Jesus revealed
I come to find out
This is it
What I want to say
It really isn't a game
Just like yesterday
And into tomorrow
God is the same
It really is time
For his people
To realize this too
To starting doing
The works of the ministry
What we're called to do
To put our own
Ideals to the side
And live for the Lord
It is in this way
We will understand
For God nothing is too hard
People are dying
Every single day
And going to hell
So how dare us
To just sit around
Like all is well
Some pour soul
Lost and bound
How you found the way
The way being Christ
Who pulled you out
Yes saving your day
Don't get twisted
He didn't stop with you
It still goes on today
But will you
My precious friend
Show others the way
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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