Friday, May 30, 2014

Poetry Corner 5/30/14

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The world and me
I thank God
Every single day
For saving me
In such a way
I was certainly
On my way to hell
With gasoline underwear
Oh I can tell
Now when I think
Of his precious love
With all I've done
Even hate to think of
It touches me
So deep within
The fact he saved me
From my sins
But what about
The others out there
Still living in sin
Or should I care
I mean after all
I am on my way
To a life of peace
Another day
But in my heart
And when I see
Folk still lost
It does affect me
In all of what
They go through
Not yet knowing
What to do
So I make this vow
To the Lord
To do all I can
Even when it's hard
To tell someone
How especially in me
All that Christ did
To set me free
And to be selfless
As I possibly can
To get this gospel out
To every woman and man
My primary purpose
One day at a time
Is to tell about Jesus
Now a friend of mine
So on this day
Yes I do see
For this is my relationship
The world and me
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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