Friday, May 16, 2014

Work to Be Done


Work to be done
It ain't over
God is still calling
Even for you
To do his will
Every day too
In his word
He tells even you
To tell someone
Even in your life
What he has done
Please remember
Even when times
Are not easy
He is carrying you
When you cannot see
There is purpose
Yes in your life
Even on your bad day
Even in these times
Learn to give him praise
Always know
You are not your own
But belong to the Son
Because you are here
There's work to be done
People are hurting
Looking every where
For the answer in you
So let's not be selfish
No matter what we do
As long as there's sin
We should be hungry
To show someone Christ
The way to be set free
Here's the thing
Will you join me
In giving Christ your all
For the sake of others
In Christ will stand tall
And remember
When Jesus saved you
He did not stop there
For there are many others
He wants us to share
So my friend
The question must be
When it comes to you
Are you really willing
To do what you're called to

Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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