Friday, June 20, 2014

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Don't do it
H u m
The devil loves it when
We take him lightly
Like he isn't there
Giving him power, you see
Failing to pray
Giving our flesh power
To do what it do
Which is how satan
Is able to trick you
Don't you know
That just like our God
Satan also watches you
For you to slack up
Doing what you should too
Very patient
Oh he will wait
Because he already know
That it must be you
That opens that door
Walking in the flesh
Is a doorway for him
To come right on in
Doing what he wants
Taking you back to sin
But know this
When walking in the spirit
After the things of God
It is only then that
You make satan's job hard
Praying and praising
Give him a headache
And he will go away
Waiting for you to stop
To come another day
So don't stop
Have a lifestyle of prayer
And praise all the time
Even when it looks bad
This will blow satan's mind
So from this day
Let's make it hard
For the devil to come in
By just being stubborn
And refusing to sin
And when he tries
Make sure that he knows
It will not be easy
He better bring his lunch
Messing with you and me
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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