Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Prayer 6/2/14

From: larry cooper
Sent: Monday, June 2, 2014 3:38 PM
Subject: Monday Prayer

Father we thank you.  When we think of your many blessings and the amount of grace and mercy that you give us through our messing up time after time again all we can do is say thank you.  When we think of the times that our flesh has truly gotten the best of us and caused us to stray away from your way and you have allowed for us to come back time after time again, all we can do is say thank you.  And father when we think of the times that we were more of a distraction to others concerning you and not a witness and you didn't destroy us but yet gave us another chance to get it right, my God we say thank you.  We thank you God for not erasing our future because of our past.  We thank you father that you are a very present help in our times of trouble.  We thank you that when people walked out of our lives that we trusted in so much and caused us so much hurt even when we may have put them before you and when we came to our senses and came running back to you, you was still there with open arms, father we say thank you. 
Father on this day we ask for nothing.  On this day we just say thank you so much for your love, grace and mercy in Jesus name, amen.

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