Friday, June 6, 2014

Poetry Corner

The devil, the devil
Can you just
Look around
And what do you see
Why in heaven
Are so many saints
Living in misery
Their very world
Falling apart
And they don't even know
Not even a clue
As even to why
Certain things just show
Could it be
Because of them
Being so unaware
Of this enemy
Called the devil
Who is always there
Sure we lift
Up our hands
And we give God praise
But what about
All the other times
All through our days
Times like when
We're on our job
How do we live then
Do we live for God
Or do our own thing
Giving in to sin
What about
In our homes
Do we set examples
Before our kids
Especially our teens
That they can also show
Make no mistake
About this enemy
He is crafty indeed
Will make one think
That all is well
They have all they need
He is just
Setting them up
For a great fall
When in their mind
All is well
Standing ever tall
Yes an enemy
We certainly do have
Always wanting to show
And if we
Don't know his name
It's the devil, the devil
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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