Friday, July 18, 2014

Poetry Corner 7/18/14


Effective Prayer
What in heaven
Why so many pray
But yet full of doubt
What is going on
Come to find out
Do you know
God has prescribed
A way for us all
To approach him
And to stand tall
Now this
When we are blind
To what God will do
It will bring depression
Wanting to quit too
While all the time
God sent the answer
In his own way
We easily miss it
Looking another way
Effective prayer
First comes the heart
Must be born again
Having a strong desire
To stay from sin
Oh how we need God
Not the other way
To give strength and wisdom
Just for this day
Seek his face
Don't worry about
What is in his hand
Lord help us all
To understand
Then there's prayer
That no matter what
We all go through
Prayer is always
The right thing to do
So know
Child of God
God have your back
Will you trust him
Even when under attack
Just like back then
He is still the way
The answer to it all
He alone is able
To keep you standing tall
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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