Friday, July 11, 2014

Poetry Corner: STRONGHOLDS


An enemy
Around you who
Oppose God
Coming against you
Making life hard
When it seems
Like all that you do
Always seem to fail
At least to you
Your own mind
Can be your friend
Or your worst enemy
That depends on you
And how you perceive
When it comes to you
And who you really are
Either defeated or strong
Will take you far
Mentally and spiritually
To come against you
To tear you down
Its sole purpose too
Also know this
They will come daily
Yet it is up to you
To remain free
Child of God
Are you not aware
That living in you
Is the power of God
To always bring you through
So just relax
Let God do his thing
All you have is to believe
Then sit back and sing
So come now
Let's all rise up
To whom we're called to
Living in victory
In all that we do
There are yet people
Who depend on us
To lead them to God
So now we must trust
You tell that devil
And send him on his way
Yes you, child of God
And have an awesome day
Elder Larry Cooper
Power Word Ministries Inc.

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