Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Prayer 7/21/14

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    Father in Jesus name we thank you for being so good to us.  We thank you for being better to us that we are to ourselves. We thank you for our health and strength and yet a mind to stand still and give you praise.
     Father we thank you because we have the luxery of knowing that even in the state of this world that you are still a healer, keeper and deliverer.  We thank you that we know that it is only in you and through you that we can come out of some of the mess that we get ourselves in to.
     Thank you father for not judging us but instead covering us with your mercy that we have never deserved and never will but yet you continue to do so.
     Father we pray for our families on this day. God we pray for our kids as they get ready for another season of school. We pray for your protection that no harm will befall them and every single day they will return back to us safely.
     We know that our kids are on loan to us and we want to do our very best by them for the sake of the kingdom.
     Now father have your way the rest of this week.  We bind accidents and all other tricks that the devil may even try to conjure up against us right now in the matchless man of Jesus our Lord,
     Amen and amen.

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